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Jonathon Schofield

Principal Investigator

Dr. Schofield works to improve user acceptance and promote the seamless integration of humans and assistive medical devices, leveraging techniques in bio-robotic control and feedback, sensory-motor neural interfaces, and cognitive-perceptual neurosciences. The BEAR Lab performs interdisciplinary research at the interface of mechanical and electrical engineering, neurosciences and rehabilitation medicine to address unmet clinical needs and understand how humans engage with intelligent technologies such as robotic prostheses and powered exoskeleton orthoses, among many others.
Contact: jschofield

Graduate Students

Marcus Battraw

PhD Candidate

Bachelor's in Mechatronic  Engineering and Applied Mathematics

Marcus seeks to remove barriers hindering pediatric device adoption by leveraging adult prosthetic technologies. His objective is to provide multiple grasp configurations and intuitive control through pattern recognition of muscle activity in the affected limbs.

Contact: mabattraw

Kihun Hong

PhD Candidate

Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering

Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Kihun works to improve the seamless interaction between humans and
robotic manipulators by using sophisticated sensory feedback. His goal is to develop haptic interfaces for users to intuitively understand the movement of robotic devices.



Hayley Kumagai

Master's Student

Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering

Hayley is interested in working with medical devices and is currently analyzing the precision and accuracy of motion capture systems for hand tracking applications.




Giancarlo Sagastume

Master's Student

Bachelor's in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Giancarlo seeks to improve current methods of bionic prosthesis control by investigating the effect of circuit design on grasp classification. His goal is to develop a more accessible, non-invasive control system.



Josh Siegel

Master's Student

Bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering

Josh is interested in improving the use of pediatric prostheses. His master's thesis involves creating testing and training protocols for pediatric amputees. The goal is to investigate the main issues driving prosthetic abandonment.




Eden Winslow

PhD Student

Bachelor's in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering

Eden is interested in medical device design and neuro-prosthetic control. Her goal is to improve prosthetic arm control for pediatric patients. Her current project involves investigating the feasibility of decoding proportional force and position information from the muscles of children born without a hand. 



Peyton Young

PhD Candidate

Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering

Peyton aims to investigate pressure developments between the prosthetic device and the user to better understand prosthesis fit and improve upon current control techniques.  




- Aaron Eppstein, M.S. Graduated 2023

     - Currently working at Zap Surgical

- Anna Rita Moukarzel, M.S. Graduated 2023

     - Currently working towards her PhD at BLINC Lab at the University of Alberta 

- Morgan Harris, M.S. Graduated 2022

     - Currently studying prosthetics and orthotics at Baylor College of Medicine in the Texas Medical Center in Houston TX

- Patrick Trieu, M.S. Graduated 2022

     - Currently working towards his PhD  


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