Available Positions

Graduate Student Positions

The BEAR Lab is looking to fill a limited number of graduate student positions.

Eligibility: Bachelor degree in Mechanical, Electrical, Mechatronics or Biomedical Engineering (or equivalent). Proficient  in using 3D CAD design software. Experience in electrical and/or mechanical prototyping. Experience with coding in Arduino, LabVIEW, and Matlab. Experience in 3D printing is an preferable.

Interested applicants must provide a CV and cover letter highlighting their research interests, experience, education, and qualifications. Contact Dr. Jonathon Schofield.

Undergraduate Student Volunteer

Accepting a Volunteer UC Davis Electrical Engineering Undergraduate student, or student with the requisite skills listed below. Must have the following skills: PCB design, Circuit design, Coding experience.

Applicants should send a brief email with BEAR Lab Volunteer in the subject line to the following email: mabattraw@ucdavis.edu. This email should highlight how you fit the skills listed above.